World InsurTech Report 2021 Webcast

This session brings together Denise Garth, Chief Strategy Officer, Majesco; Danilo Raponi, Group Head of Innovation, Generali; Hannah Moisand, Head of Content & Strategic Partnerships, Efma; Seth Rachlin, Global Insurance Industry Head, Capgemini Financial Services; Kiran Boosam, Global Insurance Strategy, Portfolio & Innovation, Capgemini Financial Services and Luca Russignan, Insurance Market Intelligence Director, Capgemini Financial Services.

During this one hour presentation, our speakers discussed:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on insurance policyholder behavior and their evolving needs
  • How insurers are responding to the sudden growth of the InsurTech market
  • Two different scenarios emerging from the evolving relationship between InsurTechs and incumbents for the future of insurance
  • Industry experts’ views on “How to be digital and improve CARE (Convenience, Advice and Reach) in the InsurTech era”
  • How Capgemini can help insurers undergo the necessary transformation

Watch the session

World InsurTech Report 2021

The World InsurTech Report 2021 from Capgemini and Efma explores the impact of exponential InsurTech growth and customer adoption on the insurance industry. Discover how insurers address this trend and should prepare for two scenarios we predict in the InsurTech era.

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